Sunday, June 1, 2008

CFMOTO over-fenders modification.

For all of you who are sick of getting covered in mud everytime your out riding your atv quad bike, here below is a video i put together from when installed over-fenders onto my cfmoto 500 atv.
They are not specifically for the cfmoto. They were meant for the Yamaha Grizzly 660, but as the body on both bikes are almost identical, its possible to do.
Anyway...just watch the video and learn.
As you'll see in the video i also had another little mod done to my bike. I had Catalytic Converter removed from the front pipe, hoping for more power. The power gains were insignificant in my opinion, and its not worth losing the warranty on your bike, which will happen if you do this mod.

I got the parts from my dealer. But i think they can be found at places like CycleShopUSA. Here is the link... Discount Motorcycle Parts and Accessories from Cycle Shop USA

The fenders really make a difference, and really suit the bike.

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toti said...

nice mod! i´m going to ask for these parts.
was it expensive?